Operation Octopus

“El Calavera” (2019 remastered edition)

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Italian instrumental surf band, featuring former members of Diabolico CoupéLiquid GermsStinking PolecatsOak’s MarySupereroiThe Titty Twisters Orchestra.

Formed in 2017
In 2018 the band participated in one of the most important surf music festivals in Europe, the Surfer Joe Summer Festival. in 2018 the first album “El Calavera” is released in limited edition (50 numbered copies)

After the festival, the songs of the album were broadcast on surfing-themed radio: “Fiberglass Jungle” (USA), WEFT 90.1 FM, “Surfabilly Freakout” (USA), “Surf Rock Radio” (USA), “Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More” (SWE), “Shakin Katz Radio” (CAN) and “Segnali di Fumo” (ITA).

In 2019, the song “Hermosa” was chosen as the soundtrack for an “Old Wild West” fast food advertisement broadcast on Italian Sky channels. In 2019 a new edition of the album remastered version was released.

In these years the band has played with great artists of instrumental surf music: Lorenzo “Surfer Joe” Valdambrini, Insect Surfer, Bradipos IV, The Phantom Four and many others …

Operation Octopus are:

  • Alessandro Mazzeo (guitar)
  • Marco Sarracino (bass guitar)
  • Andrea Cravedi (guitar and lap steel)
  • Omar Cristalli (drums)

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